Our qualifications

Originally an active operator of Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) systems throughout the state,
ACCU-COMM, INC. has been involved in the transformation of this industry. 


We have dealt with FCC issues in regard to licensing and applications, coordinating committees past and present, as well as FAA issues (which are increasingly tied to FCC functions). 


While we are still actively operating SMR systems for private entities, we also have deep experience in providing data communications on bands from VHF High band up through 23 GHz.


Mobile Data and SCADA applications required us to develop a deeper understanding of data over wireless.  Over time, this background has helped ACCU-COMM, INC. become an expert in the emerging High Capacity Private Wireless Connectivity industry, providing wireless into video, data, LAN and SCADA applications throughout the Pacific NW and Alaska.


Company history

ACCU-COMM, INC. was incorporated in 1987 as a provider of wireless solutions in the Land Mobile Radio and related services.  The Principles have an extensive background in Radio Frequency technology and its application.  Our staff has over 50 years of experience in radio frequency and network solutions.


Our goal:

"To design Radio Frequency systems which provide flexible wireless solutions for the future."


Accu CommWireless Solutions

Our broad product lines enable us to solve connectivity issues in a cost effective manner when compared to fully wired solutions.  The ever-increasing capacities of wireless products allow us to meet your every need for expansion without the high monthly toll cost.   


For example, our wireless capabilities can be added to existing Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) infrastructure for last mile, redundancy applications or to entirely bypass the PSTN.


Custom Wireless Solutions

ACCU-COMM, INC. features both licensed and unlicensed solutions and are experienced in properly configuring our systems for best performance.  We can assist end-users and consultants in integration technologies for custom wireless solutions.


Mission Statement

"ACCU-COMM, INC. is committed to providing highly trained professional personnel to support one-stop wireless communications at profitable, but fair prices, and to offer a competitive edge to our customers through emerging technology."

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