Haystack Site Haystack Site

Mountain Top Radio Sites

In need of communication sites?

ACCU-COMM,INC. has mountain-top communication sites for rent in Washington state that may solve your communication problem.


ACCU-COMM, INC. operates two major sites which provide coverage of the Greater Puget Sound Region.

  • Haystack Mountain
  • Buck Mountain


Haystack Mountain, located at 3576-feet AMSL near Sultan, WA, and Buck Mountain, located at 3747-feet AMSL near Quilcene, WA are well located for covering the region.


Our Repeater Sites are autonomous off-grid sites. Power is supplied at 13.8 VDC via LPG powered TEG and Solar.


Building space and tower space are available for very competitive monthly, quarterly, or yearly rates. Year-around access can be provided for a fee, if needed.


Call or contact us for more information about renting space at our mountain top sites.

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